Nose Rings – How to Look Elegant and Stylish with Nose Piercing


Are you thinking of getting your a nose piercing done? Do you already have a piercing but you are interested to learn more about nose ring materials? In this article, you will learn more about nose piercing and how to choose a perfect piece as per your nose type and your preferences.

While getting a nose piercing, there are two things to be taken care of:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Infections

If you do not select a biocompatible metal, it will irritate your skin leading to rashes. Biocompatible metals are not toxic and harmful to your skin. Hence it is important that you choose the best metals for the nose rings. Titanium is a very popular metal that can be put to tremendous uses. They are highly used for wedding rings and body piercing jewelry.

Before you finalize the titanium ring, make sure that the metal chosen is implant licensed titanium. You have to understand that titanium alone is not compatible with biological tissue in nature. Hence, it is better that you choose insert grade titanium G23 ring for nose.

Some of the reasons why titanium is preferred over other metals are following:

  • It is safe to use
  • They offer long lasting results
  • This is a brilliant investment if you wish to avoid infection
  • They are light in weight
  • They are durable and scratch resistant
  • Titanium jewelry is timeless

Surgical stainless steel for nose rings

Surgical stainless steel is most commonly used to prepare nose ring. The main reason why many manufacturers use stainless steel is it is hypo allergic and a safe metal. If you have recently got the nose piercing done, this is the right metal for you. It will gradually heal the freshly pierced skin. Range of surgical stainless steels is available in the market to choose from.

Niobium is another popular metal worn by many people. This metal is a little heavier yet softer than titanium. It serves as a brilliant starter pack for fresh piercings. If you have metal sensitivities, this is a perfect metal to choose.

Invest in the gold

Gold is a classic and elegant jewelry and it is quite popular among nose rings. It goes without any doubt that it is natural, timeless, stylish and pure. While choosing the gold jewelry, you must opt for a 14k to 18k gold. You could also go for color alloys that will strengthen this soft metal.

While choosing nose rings or nose stud, there are few materials that you must avoid to prevent infection and allergy. Nylon and plastic are brittle in nature and much difficult to clean. Such metals which are prone to falling out may not last longer. Not only this, they easily absorb fluids which will promote the growth of bacteria. Such bacteria will ultimately lead to infection. You must not choose any metal plated nose rings. The metal coating will ultimately wear off. If you are thinking of making a long-term investment, this is not the right path. Instead, you could go for more natural and pure metal.

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