Flower Power: Surprising Health Benefits From Flowers


The 1960s and 1970s were a time when people were chanting “flower power”. Numerous research studies by top educational institutions have shown the numerous wellness benefits of flowers in your home. Flowers can improve many aspects of your day-to-day living, including:

1. Increase creativity, innovation, and productivity

A happy, productive workforce is key to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s business environment. This will increase creativity, innovation, and productivity. It can be hard to maintain a competitive edge with the constant fluctuations in unemployment, consumer confidence, and other economic factors. Research suggests that plants and flowers may be the solution to this constantly-evolving problem. Research has shown that flowers and plants in the workplace significantly improve creativity, problem-solving skills, and overall productivity.

2. Positive Effects On Mood And Emotions

People are seeking ways to find peace and tranquility in their lives as the fast-paced world is putting a strain on them. Some studies have found that flowers can trigger positive emotions and feelings associated with life satisfaction. While everyone knows the joy that comes with receiving flowers, studies have shown that these feelings last and have a long-term beneficial impact. The study participants reported feeling happier, less anxious, more agitated, and more optimistic. Share a bouquet with a friend or family member who may need a boost.

3. Increased Emotional Connection

Giving flowers is a wonderful way to share your feelings and build intimacy with someone. Research shows that giving and receiving flowers, as well as the presence of flowers can help to build personal connections. People who were surrounded by flowers had a greater connection to their family and friends. You don’t need to share bouquets with your loved ones. Sharing bulbs and container flowers will also help to strengthen that connection. It is important to share the compassion you have with others because flowers can bring out compassion.

4. Increase Your Comfort Level

Nature has always attracted humans because it offers comfort. Flowers are a great way to bring nature’s comfort inside. In winter, plants and flowers can create humidity which adds moisture to the air. This moisture can help combat common winter irritations like dry skin, dry throats, and dry coughs. Although flowers cannot cure a common cold, they can prevent it from happening. Planting flowers in your garden in spring can help you feel calm and grounded. The flowers bring with them a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as they grow and thrive, creating a peaceful space for you to escape to.

5. You Can Increase Your Energy And Memory

The brain loves flowers and plants! Both oxygenate the atmosphere, which boosts brain cells. This can improve memory, clarity, and concentration. Studies have also shown that flowers can increase energy and lift the mood. Many people reported a positive change in their moods and outlook by simply adding a small bouquet to their morning routine. Bright, bold blooms can also be added to a garden that is visible from a common area in the house. A row of oriental lilies can be added to the vegetable garden by opening the window to the outside. This will encourage positive feelings and a smile.

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