Thoughtful and Awesome Gifts for Your Hipster Girlfriend


Gifts from loved ones hold a great value of importance for every person. They want it to be special and treasure it for life time. That is the prime reason every girl likes her boyfriend to gift her unique things to be cherished for ver.

In the market, you will find a range of things to gift your girl. However, if you prefer it to be liked by your beloved, then think according to her preference. Many girls loving to live like hipster prefer unusual items related to their lifestyle.  Girlie things won’t be a great appeal to them.

Here are few items to consider for your hipster girlfriend:

  • Vinyl record player – This musical device is not a commonly preferable music item for all, rest assured that your girl will like if she loves to hear loud dishful music. They are budget friendly and fully automated. Just need to place the disc and enjoy the music. No doubt your lovely girl will be having few on display at her home.
  • Most trendy looking advanced headphones – It will be quite a well-used gift as it can be carried anywhere to listen to music even in the midst of the crowd.
  • Some weird looking fancy hairdo accessories – Every girl likes to do hairstyle in a different way. Pins designed weirdly in vibrant colour will promote special stylish hair style. Your lady will just love to adorn them.
  • Patched up jackets – Girls fall in love with dresses since childhood days. While grown up they love to try new trendy designer wears. Your hipster girlfriend would love to wear dress looking uncommon and little funky. Patched jacket suits well with all kind of outdoor outfit.
  • Wall hangers and tapestries – Decorating the living space with unexampled wall hangers looking portraying your girl’s interest will surely be best gift. If she adores wildlife can gift painting of her favourite fauna or loves particular celebrity can gift the person image drawn by skilled artist.
  • Cosmetics – It will be pleasant surprise for her to see beauty care products composed of natural ingredients wrapped in a colourful shining paper tied with a cord ends having a written thought message glued in it. Hipster GF loves to have surprises in small forms.
  • Tickets to enjoy music – Music festival gifts or to watch live orchestra of her favourite music star will surely help in boosting her love for you.
  • Funny jokes books or give set of tarot card reading – She will enjoy the entertaining books after working or studying the whole day. Tarot cards reading will be exciting to read and try hands on predicting the future will be quite enjoyable.
  • Fully advanced cameras – It may be expensive, fully worth as it will be cherished lifelong by her. Ladies like to just focus and click to get perfect picture. It will be always thrilling for her to shoot images and the device can be enjoyed when you go on holidays.

You can choose Retro gifts for her like vintage lighting and traditional furniture and small classic colourful decor items to look beautiful in her decor room from vintage homewares.

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