Dos and Not to Do During Coronavirus Pandemic


Every time you switch on any media source the only prime news you get hear is about coronavirus pandemic responsible for people falling ill or lying on their death bed. Hearing and watching all the visual images, it is natural that you become stressed. You remain confused and tensed as daily there is increase in number of people being affected by the dreadful diseases. Largely the problems are soaring high due to unawareness among people as they aren’t able to understand rightly the dos and don’ts to follow in their life to stay safe and remain stress free.

To clear your confusion here are few dos and don’ts to follow:

  • Dos: There are lots you can do to be safe from the pandemic.
    • Stay home – You can work from home and spend quality time with your dear ones inside the closed doors of your home.
    • Buy the required groceries all in one time. List out the required things and buy from clean place selling good quality groceries.
    • Wear your KN95 respiratory masks and gloves while venturing out from home during emergency need. While keeping yourself fully covered is sure safeguarding from pollution and from the transmission of virus.
    • Eat organic food and exercise at home. This surely helps in boosting your immune system and wades away worries.
    • You utilize the time spend at home pursuing your hobbies and play indoor games with your dear ones. With friends you can play online games that are quite exciting and interesting.
  • Don’ts: Its troublesome not able to lead your usual life as you stay at home all day and moreover worried about your unfavorable financial condition as well. You are panicking, tensed and feeling irritated. Rest assured millions of people are enduring similar problems. Here are few things not to do while you are facing pandemic situation.
    • Not to live in unhygienic surroundings.
    • Don’t try to venture from home even to walk or jog.
    • Try not to throw away your disposable used masks and gloves in public place. It will be helpful to dispose them properly in dustbins that is cleared every day.
    • Don’t think of hoarding large amount of groceries, eatable items and medicines as there are other people who need the same items from the shops as well. Inadequate supply of essential things during lockdown may lead to other form of crisis. Thus, buy things as much as your need for a month.
    • Don’t indulge in self-medication. When you fall sick, it is best to contact your general physician. It will be always best to have prescribed medicines to solve your health issues.

You should never try to buy cheap substandard facial masks. They aren’t safe and don’t act as safeguard against transmission of virus as well. You can have good KN95 respiratory masks from well-established sites like  Your protective masks will surely save you from all kind of infectious ailments and keep you safe from allergic illness happening due to pollution.  Hence, buy your face mask and stay safe.

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