Don’t Trust Your Fine Rug to Just Anyone


A finely crafted oriental or intricate handmade rug is a statement piece that sets the tone for the entire room. You took your time selecting the timeless look that is reflective of your taste and style. But, over time, even the most meticulously cared-for rug loses some of its richness, due to dust and grime. Not only does your rug look lifeless, it can also smell musty. Home cleaning methods can do more harm than good, and excessive vacuuming can destroy delicate fibers. Your best option is to find a company who specializes in fine rug cleaning service in Miami, FL.

What Type of Service Is Best?

Look for a company who has been in business for years, and who uses age-old techniques in rug cleaning, but with updated, customized equipment. They should offer a full range of services to clean, repair and finish your fine rugs. The company should be a specialist in cleaning your particular type of rug and their staff should be professionally trained. Their website should contain testimonials from satisfied customers. Their cleaning process should be transparent and explained in detail, either in person or on their website, before you allow them to handle your rugs. Part of their service should be to pick up your rugs from your home, moving the furniture out of the way before they roll it up and take it to their factory. The first step of the process is to gently beat the rug on the back side to loosen not only the surface dust and grime, but also the dust that is embedded in the fat cells of the wool or silk. Once the dust is removed, the rug is then washed in a natural organic vinegar solution and rotated gently. From the vinegar bath, the rug is shampooed from the back side using soft scrubbers. Once the water runs clear, the rug is placed in a centrifuge to extract all of the water before it is hung to dry. The company should then return the rugs to your home, replace them in the rooms, and replace the furniture. Your rugs will sparkle and the warm, deep colors that first attracted you to the rug are again evident. Make sure the company you choose can offer this wide range of services when you select a company who offers fine rug cleaning service in Miami FL.

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