The Sheer Elegance of Large-Scale Chandeliers – Get Dramatic When Adorning Your Space


Chandeliers are about magnificence and glitter. If you are looking for a foolproof way for people to notice your interiors, chandeliers fit the bill. They are ideal for residences, commercial buildings and hotels. The vast variety of styles available makes them a perfect fit in all rooms. They make statement pieces and are guaranteed to turn heads.

Chandeliers hang from the ceiling and feature multiple light sources and tiers thus offering a great deal of illumination. When we visualize a chandelier, the general image that appears is a huge suspended fixture with multiple arms and glistening crystals. Currently there is an overwhelming of choices available.

Chandelier styles:

You can find chandeliers suiting every home style be it contemporary or modern. The modern and mid-century style chandeliers are inspired from the mid-century era, the contemporary ones are unique and perfect for the minimalist, the rustic and farmhouse ones for traditional houses and the industrial ones work great for industrial settings. Few popular styles are:

Large scale chandeliers:

Large scale foyer chandeliers continue to be the raging trend for defining entryways. A grand one is ideal for large ceiling and flushed foyer ones that are close to the ceilings work great for low ceilings. If you are looking for chandeliers, check out They are the leading manufacturers of chandeliers in the US and feature the highest quality crystals. 

Long flush-mounted chandeliers:

Lean and long ones suit large, slope and vault ceilings. They enhance the space’s volume and make a great first impression. The added layers from different tiers give a cascading appearance. Make sure you choose the right sized one to create the perfect grand look.

Large drum shade chandeliers:

Multi-tiered drum chandeliers accent large ceilings and add warmth to the space. These rounded fixtures are great for modern homes and retains the fresh look of the room. Hang them at the right height for creating the right dramatic effect.

Different chandelier finishes:

  • Brass and Bronze: Traditional chandeliers usually come with brass and bronze finishes. Polished brass and oil-rubbed bronze amplifies the light emitted.
  • Black iron: Black finishes have soared in popularity from 2017. They are considered classy and are found in both traditional and modern chandeliers. 
  • Brushed/polished nickel: These have a softer appearance and don’t dominate the décor thus making them ideal for modern settings.

Chandeliers categorized by lighting function:

People opt for chandeliers for different reasons. Some focus on decorative purpose while some want it to be the main light source of the space in which case, you’ll need a functional one that emits ample illumination. The types are:

  • Uplight chandeliers: The light emitted from the fixture is focused upwards. They are ideal for accenting hallways, bathrooms and for focusing the spotlight on a particular area of interest.
  • Downlight chandeliers: The light from the fixture is focused downwards. They are ideal for kitchen, workspace and desks.
  • Ambient lighting: Also known as general lighting, ambient lighting offers a comfortable amount of lighting that enables one to walk about safely.

Make sure you choose a chandelier that works well for the dimension of your room. Contact the customer support team of your chandelier manufacturer for customization.

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