Safe Cleaning Tips To Promote Healing of The Body Jewellery Piercing Site


People use body jewelry to showcase their personality and look apart from the crowd. Many forms of body piercings like ear piercing and nostril piercing are very common globally and are a part of traditional attire in many cultures around the world. Other body piercing types are relatively new and are mostly followed as a part of the fashion trend.

However, there is always a high risk of infection when you get a piercing done on a body part with a higher vascular supply. The healing phase is crucial and aftercare of the ornaments is also very important.

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Cleaning tips for body jewelry

Different body parts need different cleaning frequencies especially when the piercing is still in the healing stage, which is when excessive cleaning can lead to more damage and drying out of the skin.

When your piercing is still healing, you can follow the following cleaning schedule for a different form of piercings:

  • Clean your nostril and belly piercings twice a day.
  • Nipple piercings need more frequent cleaning approximately 3-6 times a day.
  • Septum or lip piercing must be cleaned only once a day.

Once the healing process is completed, you can clean them every day or as needed. To clean the piercings efficiently, follow these steps:

  • Either you can use a sterile saline solution or a mixture of 1/4th tsp sea salt and warm distilled water to clean the piercing hole.
  • Clean your hands with mild soap and wash them with water before you attempt to clean the piercing to prevent any infection.
  • While the piercing is still healing, you can soak sterile gauze in the above-mentioned cleaning solution and apply the gauze to the piercing site for 5-10 minutes.
  • You can follow this with gentle soap water cleansing if recommended by the piercer.
  • Pat it dry using a gentle paper towel.

Lip, nose, and septum piercing need lesser healing time when compared to belly and nipple piercing. You must also stick to only specific designs and metals of ornaments during this period. Keep your experimental mood alive for later when the piercing has completely healed.

When the piercing hole is still healing, you must also avoid the following habits to ensure that healing is happening at the correct pace:

  • Never leave the pierced hole open unless the piercing has healed and the hole formed becomes permanent.
  • Overcleaning can delay the healing process.
  • The fibers of the cloth towel can snag the jewelry while cleaning which can irritate the wound and also infect it. Preferably use a paper towel.
  • The dried discharge that forms around the piercing should never be picked with fingers.
  • Avoid going in pools and oceans for swimming while the wound is still healing.
  • Use metals that are safe to wear during the healing period like gold or surgical steel.

Infection can take a long time to heal and hence, you should follow all necessary precautions to keep the pierced site safe at all costs.


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