What Is Quality Swimwear And How Does It Improve Water Performance?


You will know how important it is to choose the right swimwear if you swim often. The top swimwear brands invest huge amounts of money to develop new materials that will improve your performance, comfort levels, and longevity. Below is a guide that will explain the various types of technical materials used by top swimwear brands, and the reasons why they are used.

Commonly Use Fabrics

Because it is strong, light, and comfortable, nylon is the most popular material for swimwear. Nylon isn’t very good at holding dye so it will be mixed with other fabrics or treated to resist sun and chlorine.

Lycra is a common material in swimsuits of any quality. It has a great fit and elasticity. However, it can also be used in other fabrics due to its incomparable comfort and must be treated to resist chlorine.

High-quality swimwear is rarely made from cotton because it doesn’t provide a good fit and tends to sag over time. It also holds water poorly, so this is often found in cheaper or more fashionable swimwear.

Polyester is used because of its chlorine resistance and fade resistance properties.

Polyurethane is used to compress the skin when it’s integrated into swimsuits. This prevents excessive friction and improves aerodynamic performance.

No matter what material your swimwear may be made from, we recommend that you take good care of it. It is important to rinse it after you have left the pool, lake, or sea and to wash it using the recommended care.

Chlorine Resistance

Swimwear manufacturers that are good at making swimwear will use chlorine-resistant material. This is especially true if the swimwear is intended to be used in a swimming pool. Swimming pools are regularly treated with chlorine to prevent bacteria from entering. You’ll be able to smell chlorine, which can irritate sensitive skin or cause itching. Chlorine can accelerate the degradation of your swimsuit. Many people don’t realize that their swimsuits have become worn and tired after a few uses.

This will be obvious if the swimsuit you purchase is more fashion-oriented or just a casual piece that you can wear, rather than something you use for training. Swimwear made by dedicated brands is more durable than chlorine. Customers get better value and swimwear that lasts longer even when worn frequently.

Drag Reducing Material

Plus size swimwear Australia can help you perform better if you are a competitive swimmer or a participant in sports like Triathlon. Excessive drag can cause you to slow down. Generally speaking, the heavier the material, the more drag it will produce. Speedo and Arena, two well-known brands, use low drag materials in their swimwear to enhance your ability to glide through the water. These materials are often quick-drying, which is a benefit for athletes with short legs. The water won’t be held in the fabric and make you feel heavier. You must ensure that your suit is approved by FINA for use in certain competitions.


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