Your eyeglass lenses will no longer be strong enough to maintain your vision. Maybe you’ve had them for a while or worsened in the last few months.

Whatever the cause, eyeglass lens replacement is the ideal option, saving you money instead of purchasing both new eyeglass frames and lenses – an expensive purchase even in the best circumstances.

Nonetheless, we have good news: you can replace the lenses in your glasses without purchasing new frames, saving you money and restoring your vision – a win-win situation if we say so ourselves.

Eyeglass Lens Replacement: How To Do It

How you change the lenses in your glasses is determined by the type of frames they have. For example, replacing plastic and metal frame lenses differs slightly.

We’ll go through how to swap lenses on various frames in the section below.

Replacing Lenses With Plastic Frames

Most lenses are kept together by a tiny screw that must be removed using a screwdriver. This is also not your ordinary screwdriver; you’ll need to go out and buy a smaller one. Heat can separate the lenses from the frames if you have plastic frames. However, do not overheat these since this may cause damage, including melting, to your frames.

There are several methods for heating the frames to loosen the lenses. However, these include using a hairdryer or immersing your glasses in hot (not boiling) water for up to one minute. You should have more leverage to pop the lenses out once your glasses have been sufficiently heated.

If you’re having trouble putting the lenses back in, try heating them again.

It is critical not to overheat your glasses, which can cause damage or breakage. This is why it is not recommended to boil water.

Replacing Lenses With Metal Frames 

Alternatively, you cannot heat metal frames to loosen the lenses. Screws on metal frames are typically situated on the inside of the glass, towards the nose. If you can’t find them here, look around the sides and underneath the frames for a little screw or two.

If you can’t find them, look up your glasses’ make and model online and read up on detaching the lenses from the frames for your glasses.

Metal-framed glasses are often more challenging to replace the lenses on. If you’re still having problems, it’s worth contacting a professional, such as the experts at Seek Optics; further information on this can be found near the end of this article.

What About Frames And Lenses With No Screws?

Not all glasses include screws to secure the lenses to the frame. This may surprise you, especially if you’re attempting to remove these yourself. However, even without the assistance of a trusty screwdriver, you can remove these yourself.

The most obvious option is to pop the lenses out of place manually. If your glasses are not kept together by fasteners, they are most likely tightly put and sealed together. Take caution not to snap your frames when popping these. Similarly, ensure the lenses do not fly out when prying these apart.

Screws are not permitted in metal or plastic frames. As previously indicated, heat the plastic frames.

We Can Provide You With Eyeglass Lens Replacement

Alternatively, if you don’t want to replace the lenses of your glasses yourself, possibly to avoid harming them or because you need to know how, we can do it for you at Seek Optics.

This is advantageous for various reasons, but with specialists on hand, we can save you the effort, annoyance, and risk of replacing the lenses yourself. When it comes to essential things like your eyesight, hiring a specialist is best.

To Conclude 

You can replace your glasses lenses at home. The procedure for removing and replacing your spectacles’ lenses differs based on the frame; for example, the procedure for plastic and metal frames is slightly different.

If you are unsure about replacing your glasses’ lenses or want to avoid harming them, you can hire a professional service such as We can repair the lenses in your eyeglasses in as little as 24 hours and dispatch them back to you as soon as possible. Delivery is swift, inexpensive, and of excellent quality, thanks to expert craftsmanship and our expert team.

So, what are you holding out for? Are you prepared to replace your glasses’ lenses? Restoring your vision, saving money, and keeping your current glasses frames? If so, please visit Seek Optics today to browse our selection of lenses, or contact us to replace your existing lenses – we’d be happy to assist.

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